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FUN4FOUR Game Table

Science fiction becomes reality. The Fun4Four is the world's only multiplayer game table made especially for the out-of-home entertainment market. Full of innovation and ground-breaking games, this patented device brings a whole new game concept to your bar, entertainment center, club, pub or arcade.

Use your space multiple times

Realize incredible savings by re-using your space multiple times. Not only one, but up to 6 people can play together on one Fun4Four table. You do not need to purchase expensive single or two player machines anymore.

Incredibly convenient

Convenience is most important for every guest. The Fun4Four is adjustable in height. Your players can play both standing or sitting, e.g. in a lounge-chair or in a bar-stood.

Games tailored to your audience

The games on the FUN4FOUR are not simple standard ones. They are specifically tailored to the demands of your guests. Currently, there are the huge number of more than 90 hand-made games available.

Feels like an ordnance map

The game table is equipped with a giant 43" multi touch screen. The simple feeling of handling the table itself - it's just incredible! You'll have to try yourself.

The Fun4Four game table is presented with a unique concept.
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It is the world's first video game table for use in public places.
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The modern design of the table is enhanced by a full glass touch surface which is covered with a special anti-glare coating.
Available in black and white, the device is a standout design for any location, regardless of the color variant you choose.
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The main concept of the table is for players to meet, talk, eat, drink and play.
Up to 6 people can choose from a variety of over 90 games, including card games, dice games, and action games for kids and adults.
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The FUN4FOUR game table is simply an incredibly attractive and innovative device.
The latest in state-of-the-art technology for online entertainment is the Fun4four game table, it does not need any license because it's not a gambling machine.

Control games from mobile phone

Your players will go bananas once they experience controlling a FUN4FOUR game by using their mobile device! The incredible feeling of steering cars by gravity sensor is just one example of whats possible there.

Online Terminal Management

By registering to the Online Terminal Management you will receive new games as soon as they are released, you can remotely control the device without going there in person, and you can check device performance easily, online and at any time.


The FUN4FOUR game table is simply an incredibly attractive and innovative device. The modern layout of the table is enhanced by a full-glass touch surface which is covered with a special anti-glare coating. People will be attracted to this table because they never have seen something like that before.
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Due to the large number of pioneering innovations and entertainment games thanks to technical support, the FUN4FOUR game table is the highlight in all bars, clubs or youth centers as it does not contain games with violent content.

To have a lot of fun playing even in groups, the table offers the opportunity to play with up to 6 people at the same time.

The FUN4FOUR game table is equipped with a 43-inch touchscreen and height adjustable stand to meet the needs of gamers. In addition to its simple yet modern design, the table also convinces with the aesthetics achieved.

The player can compete in both local, national and world classifications in one click by registering to control their score at all times by playing in both simple and tournament mode, being recorded forever and being able to get exclusive gifts by becoming champion!

This tournament mode is part of the Online Terminal Administration, which can be subscribed for a small monthly amount. This service installs updates with new games for Fun4Four automatically every so often.

The brand new interface of our FUN4FOUR offers features that you'll only experience in very modern handsets: advanced scrolling, modern design, high-tech layout became reality within this game table.

The usability of the FUN4FOUR was designed by specialists and next generation usability engineers with only one goal in mind: to maximize the turn-over and making the conversion from spectator to player as successful as possible.
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Increase your profits by making the most of every corner of your establishment and  controlling at all times from your mobile device real-time earnings
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Immerse your establishment in a world full of entertainment..!!


- Multi-player for up to six players

- More than 90 games

- New games through OTM (Online Terminal Management)

- High quality sound system with 4 Speakers

- 4 x Mobile charger USB ports

- Coin validator & Bank note validator

- Contacless NFC credit card reader + Apple pay + Samsung pay

Technical Details:

- Power 150 W

- Weight 137 kg

- Height 106 cm or 77,5 cm

- Width 118,5 cm

- Depth 80 cm

- Extra wide 43” multi touch screen

- Full HD 1920 x 1080 Display
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